Life Coaching

SETTING: in person, on the phone or video call

My Life Coaching specializes in an all-encompassing approach to explore the areas of your life that you desire personal growth. We will develop strategic tangible steps to meet your personal goals, find balance, reconnect with what brings you joy, overcome blocks, achieve change, and uncover harmful limiting beliefs. Personal Growth Coaching is a great approach when you are stuck and need some help to push through an issue, overcome a life challenge, or set goals. It helps to strengthen your self-esteem, improve your self-confidence, and helps you move through transitions with greater ease. We work on creating new ways to: deal with stress, anxiety, and fear, manage life, improve communication skills, relationships, and healthy boundaries while focusing on achieving goals. I provide you support, accountability, mentoring, equipping, and problem-solving with a safe space to process. You will be equipped with strategies, tools and positive steps you can take to propel you forward.

Career Coaching

SETTING: in person, on the phone or video call

Gain career clarification using my 7 step process that helps you discover new possibilities for work and to find a career path you'll love, even if you've never thought of it before. My approach is to help provide you with new insights and takes in all aspects of who you are. Career coaching can also help to prepare you for taking on a new role, promotion, or venture, interviewing for a job, expanding and marketing your business, and navigating workplace challenges.

Spiritual/Christian Faith-Based Coaching

SETTING: in person, on the phone or video call

Spiritual/Christian coaching is for those who desire a Faith-Based approach to encourage further healing, wholeness, and joy in their life should that be an aspect you would like incorporated. These sessions are designed to help you mature in your faith, grow spiritually and help uncover deep rooted issues that may be hindering your progress. It is for those seeking to incorporate faith and prayer into helping lead them to a deeper connection with God. Prayer ministry can be very benificial in achieving freedom, healing and breakthrough.

Spiritual/Christian Faith-Based: Inner Healing Coaching

SETTING: in person, on the phone or video call

One of my specialties in the area of spiritual coaching is inner healing. This intensive coaching is to help you move forward and find new ways of coping with stumbling blocks from your past hurts, dealing with stress, managing life, and gaining a positive outlook for your future. It is especially beneficial if you are in need of healing from wounds and hurts that prevent you from experiencing freedom deep within. I have coaching strategies for improving wellness, well-being, self-care, healthy boundaries, preventing burnout, tackling anxiety and fear, and creating a plan for crisis. This type of coaching is not to replace traditional therapy although many clients experience greater freedom and transformation.

Teen + Young Adult Coaching

SETTING: in person, on the phone or video call

Often a young adult or teen can struggle silently while not wanting to seek help. This series of coaching is an easy and fun way to help a young adult step into their fullest potential. We work specifically on discovering their strengths and reaching goals. This coaching and mentoring relationship provides an outlet outside of the home to process life's struggles and inward battles and to overcome hurdles and setbacks safely. Accountability and implementing S.M.A.R.T. goals is a focus.

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